The Various Uses of Geared Motors In Different Industries

Wednesday - 02/12/2020 13:03

The Various Uses of Geared Motors In Different Industries

Gearboxes play a significant part in managing many industrial and repairing capabilities in today’s industrial environment. A gearbox is a box that comprises a series of gears connected by a gear knob that operates to provide speed and torque conversions utilising different gear ratios.
Industrial gearboxes are often used in nearly every industry or production facility. Almost every form of machinery comes into the usage category that necessitates the use of one or more types of gearboxes. However, the utilisation varies depending on the industry type. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that gearboxes are designed to simplify mechanical operations in a variety of sectors. For a better understanding of how gearboxes work, in this blog, we have differentiated the use of geared motors in various industries. Before we get into that though, let’s first get a better understanding of what geared motors are.

What Are Geared Motors?

Geared motors are devices that control the speed of electric motors, causing them to run at a specific pace. They are made up of a number of gears that form a kinematic chain and work on a set of rotating components. Their primary function is to allow a decrease from a high beginning speed to a lower speed without negatively impacting the mechanism. A gear motor is in charge of altering the mechanical power of a system in addition to this adjustment.

Uses of Geared Motors In Different Industries

Now that you have a better understanding of what geared motors are, let’s learn more about their applications in various industries.

The Paper Industry

The paper sector is seeing a boom in popularity, which is driving up demand for gearboxes. In the paper business, a broad range of gearboxes consisting of aluminium alloys, steel, and cast iron are utilised to ensure the smooth operation of the machines. Shaft mounted and spur gearboxes are two types of gearboxes that are widely utilised in this sector.

The Cement Industry

The cement industry requires gearboxes that are robust and capable of carrying more torque, depending on the size of the engine used in the processing. Thus, gearboxes such as the Bevel Helical Gearbox and Parallel Shaft are utilised to provide functions such as engine augmentation, speed decrease, and many more. Gearboxes are used in this sector to boost the amount of engine torque to the maximum feasible level.

The Sugar Industry

It is one of the largest industries that employs a wide range of machinery. More machines necessitates the use of a wider range of gearboxes, such as planetary, helical, and so on, to meet the demands of various ratios and torque capabilities. The gearboxes utilised in this industrial unit are available in standard configuration. Whatever sort of gearboxes are employed in the sugar industry’s operation, the end result is well-organized and sound machine operation, resulting in a favourable outcome.

The Steel Industry

This is another industrial plant that requires precise gearbox usage due to the employment of heavy equipment in the manufacturing process. The machines here are robust, therefore they demand the usage of industrial gearboxes that are long-lasting and robust in their operations. For the smooth and long-lasting operation of the equipment, gearboxes such as pinion helical, planetary, and many more are utilised in this sector.


Different industries require various types of gearboxes. These industrial gearboxes are built of a range of high-quality materials and have a variety of performance requirements to keep machinery running smoothly and for a long time. Gearboxes come in a variety of forms, sizes, and ratios, with the purpose of turning a significant mechanical component into something with high speed and torque.

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