The Advantages of Intermittent Duty Motors

Thursday - 12/07/2018 17:16

The Advantages of Intermittent Duty Motors

Dolin main priority is keeping your application running. This is why we would like you to be aware of all the options that are available to you, whether that may be intermittent duty or continuous. Today I will tell you a few of the advantages of looking into an intermittent duty motor.
You might think bigger motors have more power when looking for a motor. This may be true, but with an intermittent duty application, you may be able to get just as much power without the cost of a big motor.

First of all, the reason to look into getting a motor with intermittent duty is if you have an application that has a periodical run times, such as a malt machine or a house furnace. An intermittent duty motor would not be a good fit for you if you have an application that needs to run at longer periods of time with few stops such as a conveyor. A

Dolin intermittent duty motor runs in intervals instead of continuously. This keeps the motor from overheating since the motor is not able to run long enough to generate enough heat to significantly raise temperatures in the motor.

    However, you must be aware that with the run time required for your intermittent application, your motor also requires enough time to cool down.

Motors that are rated for intermittent duty applications must be run at or below their designed duty cycle, which you can find on the motor’s nameplate. This means that the amount of run time for an intermittent duty motor has an amount of time that the motor needs cool off, which means you must turn the motor completely off for as long as its required cool-down time.

With shorter run times, intermittent duty electric motors are able to give more power than a continuous motor. This means you won’t need all that extra space for a bigger motor since intermittent duty motors are built smaller, which saves you space and weight on your application.

Not only will it save you space and weight, but it will also help you save money and give you a longer motor life. Intermittent duty motors and gear motors have a longer lasting life because the hours of the motor life aren’t reached as quickly since they take time to rest, giving you more time with your motors. More time with your motors means having to buy less motors. This helps you save money while your application keeps running, which makes you money.

Dolin has a proprietary software that you can’t find anywhere else called DOLINMOTOR™. At no cost to our customers, this software is designed to quickly search hundreds of thousands of speed, torque, power and duty cycle combinations to determine which Groschopp motor or gear motor combination will best fit a specific application.

We have extensively tested our motors and gearboxes separately as well as gearmotor combinations. This allow us to understand how different products perform under varying duty cycles. We can also enter your exact specifications into our software to provide an accurate look at how a motor will perform, what the internal temperature of the motor will be, and more. When you send us your specs, we can match you to the motor you’re looking for from our AC motors, DC motors, Brushless motors and Universal motors.

So to summarize all I’ve told you today:

    If you’re application could use an intermittent duty cycle, you could be using a smaller motor, which saves space, time, energy, operating costs and capital costs.

    The motor-gearbox combinations we suggest have been performance-tested to fit your intermittent duty application.

    All that is needed from you is to know what horsepower, voltage, and speed you are looking for in your application, and we will match it as closely as we can to an intermittent duty cycle motor

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