Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Motors

Thursday - 04/05/2017 19:42

Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Motors

For more than many years, Dolin M&E Technology Manufacture Company ith decades of experience, these knowledgeable technicians discuss the major benefits and drawbacks of electric motors.
Advantages Of Electric Motors

Electric motors have a number of advantages when compared to traditional engines. The initial cost of an electric motor is much lower than a fossil-fuel engine with the same horsepower rating. Electric motors have relatively few moving parts, which means they have a longer lifespan.

Typically, an electric motor that is properly maintained offers up to 30,000 hours of operating life without needing major repairs. Overall, electric motors require minimal maintenance service.

Electric MotorsAdditionally, electric motors are highly efficient, and automated controls allow for automatic and remote start and stop functions. Electric motors don’t require fuel, so there is no engine oil maintenance or battery service, and they don’t freeze in sub-zero temperatures.  

Disadvantages Of Electric Motors

There are some disadvantages, though, with electric motors. For instance, many large electric motors are not easily portable, and consideration must be made for the correct electrical supply and voltage. Sometimes expensive line extensions are necessary in remote locations where existing electrical power is not available.
Motor điện công suất lớn

Also, if you are using a high-horsepower motor and a low load factor, you might have a high cost per hour of operation. Generally, an electric motor performs more efficiently and for less when compared with other engines.

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